Breakfast Meeting 2016

A breakfast meeting was held on 03rd March 2016 with 02 eminent speakers on the topic of “The External Economic Outlook & Challengers for Sri Lanka”.

Mrs Indira Malwatte, Chairperson & Chief Executive of the Export Development Board spoke broadly on “Government Strategies for Export Development”.

Mr Amal Sanderatne, Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Research themed on “External Market Conditions & Impact on Financial Flows to Sri Lanka” giving 3key takeaways :

  • 1. Unfavorable global financial market conditions and domestic uncertainties have made it difficult for Sri Lanka to attract foreign financial flows
  • 2. External financial flows are important to Sri Lanka in addressing external imbalances. Deterioration of external balances have typically correlated with crisis/shock situations in the past.
  • 3. Given this and other domestic vulnerabilities we believe we are still in a Shock mode environment where an adjustment in LKR or Rates is needed/happening but the extent each variable takes the adjustment largely depends on what policymakers choose to prioritize.