How the British High Commission can help your Company grow and increase profitability through further trade links with the United Kingdom?
An address by Ms. Janet Ford, Head of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Janet Ford, Head of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), addressed a capacity crowd at a luncheon meeting recently hosted by the Council for Business with Britain (CBB) at the Hilton Colombo Residence. Speaking enthusiastically about the opportunities that exist for Sri Lankan companies to expand their businesses in the UK, she highlighted the services offered for free by the UKTI, fielded questions from local business luminaries, and lauded the work of the CBB in improving business relations between Sri Lanka and the UK.

The address by Ms. Janet Ford touched on several key points that were especially germane given current trade relations between Sri Lanka and the UK, including the issue of preferential trade tariffs. She noted that although the UKTI charged UK companies for access to its bespoke services, which are aimed at helping them thrive in foreign markets while maximizing investment opportunities for foreign companies in the UK, the organization also offers free ad hoc help to Sri Lankan firms, such as advertising their services on its website and facilitating business introductions.

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