60 Seconds of Your Time Can be a Big Difference to Your business
Membership of the CBB brings many benefits to you including;

Regular access to business colleagues who also undertake business with Britain
Regular networking meetings
Informative speakers on topics that will help increase your business
Letters of introduction
Trade and investment promotions
Trade partner introductions

Now, although we’re in a competitive environment, we are sure you know of other companies in your sector that could also benefit from membership and this is where your help is needed.

What’s in it for us?
We want to increase the opportunities for our local companies to undertake business with Britain and this is where 60 seconds of your time can be so valuable.

All we ask is that you provide the names and contact details of just 3 companies who you feel could benefit from membership. We have a short form to save you as much time as possible


What’s in it for you?
To be perfectly frank – absolutely nothing!

However, if any of the companies you recommend, join the CBB, we’ll donate Rs.2,000/- of their first years’ membership fee to our CSR programme for each new member to provide invaluable training in the teaching of English to over 500 teachers island-wide. As each teacher can help over 80 students you’ll see how far your 60 seconds can help.

So, get thinking, get writing and remember that 60 seconds of your time will go a long, long way towards increasing our membership and helping very deserving students.

P.S: Remember, we need the details of just 3 companies and we can start building even more business with Britain.